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Wedding Albums

I'm not just taking pictures; I'm creating heirlooms for a lifetime!

I’m a believer in the importance of getting images “out of the computer” onto paper. Keeping your images purely online or on your own computer, will not guarantee you have them in the future! We’ve all had computer crashes, where we’ve lost information and online services are here one day, gone the next.

Also your photos will look so much better on high quality paper. An album of some sort is the best to store and show your images. You have a few options here:

Build Your Own

This is viable option if your budget is very tight or you just like to create!

To do this you simply take a selection of images and upload to an online service, like Blurb or Lulu. They have great tools and applications to make the process pretty straightforward.

The downside is this that the quality is not at that same level you will get from a hand-built album, which uses photo-grade paper. You will need to be careful to select the best quality paper you can; check how long the fading guarantee on the paper is. Nothing worse than seeing your treasured memories fade over time.

It's still better to make your own album leave those photos marooned in the digital world!

Photo or Coffee Table Book

I can create a high quality photo book you using my album and print provider, Queensberry.

A photo book is similar to a large format coffee table book, you’d find at any store (if you can actually find a book store!). This is not a true wedding album, as such but still a very nice way to share your memories.

Even if you select full wedding album, you may still want to order some of these as give-away books for close family and friends. As a general guide these photo books tend to cost a few hundred dollars (exact price will depend on features and format).

Queensberry Wedding Album

The Queensberry album wedding album will be a true heirloom for you! A beautiful hand-made album lovingly designed and constructed to enshrine your memories.

Your album is completely customisable product; size, media, type, packaging and style. The options can be overwhelming! I’ll help guide you through the process (keeping in mind your requirements and budget).

It’s impossible to state an exact price for a Queensberry album here as depends on the options you select (number of pages being a major factor).

The investment can be significant and this is a reason why some couples prefer to order an album awhile after the wedding.

The quality of the finished Queensberry album is quite breathtaking!