Stewart Baird - Wedding Photography Stewart Baird - Wedding Photography

Values and Principles

What are the values that guide what I do? Here is a clue into what makes me tick:

People First

Your wedding is about you, your day of celebration with family and friends. It’s not a photo shoot! It’s important that the process is non-stressful, ordered and unobtrusive. I’ll put your before my need to “get the job done”.

Document, don’t dictate

Following on from the “people first” principle, I want to capture your day as it happens not direct or dictate in a an overbearing way to get the shot or fill my shot list.

Unobtrusive working

As I “document, not dictate”, I will work quickly and unobtrusively in the background. My aim is to be as invisible as possible (until the formal shots).

Plan to be flexible

I prepare for your day by carefully planning shot lists and locations. Any plans will be guidelines at best. I want to make sure all of the “standard” shots are captured; often these are the images that become your most treasured.

Use the latest tools to create classics

Its fun to create interesting and quirky photos from time-to-time. We all love those retro photos in our Instagram stream or on Facebook. However, these can look dated after a while; they quickly “date the photo”. I want to create classic, beautiful images that last a lifetime. My goal is to make film-like images where Photoshop is rarely used. If I do use Photoshop it will look natural and definitely NOT “Photoshopped”. All that said, the engagement shoot could be a fun place to get a bit more creative and fun!

Build heirlooms not transient images

Yes, I will send you digital images, ones you can post online and share with friends. But we all know how transient these online services can be – here one day gone the next! Plus sites like Facebook will actually alter your images; they will look worse than the one I sent to you.

So, at the end of the day my aim is to make physical prints and albums that will become heirlooms. Ultimately I hope to give you the most important thing you possess- your wedding album.

Quality tools, help make quality results

Often photographers will tell you it’s “not about the gear”; the photographer creates the photos more than the tools do. Actually this basically true; you can’t just buy the latest camera and expect it to magical take fantastic wedding photos. On the other hand using high quality tools means more consistent results and improved reliability. That’s why I use the Canon 5D Mark III. Its built like a tank and will keep on working in any weather. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve dropped mine.

I use top quality cameras, lenses, computers and software to help me give you the best results.

Photograph like it’s the last time

You will get all I have to give. I wont hold anything back on your wedding day. I work at your wedding like it’s my last wedding shoot, ever. I’ll use every trick in the book, every lens in my bag, every pose and angle. I want to be judged by your wedding alone.

Give back

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and I’m always so grateful to be part of your day. To give back to you I offer my wedding clients family and baby photos, free for life. See here for more details on how this works!

Work quickly, but don’t rush

I want to get your photos back to you as fast as possible. I find its best to process the images while I’m still “in the moment”. Usually this means you get draft images with 1-3 days. Compare this to most photographers who take 3-6 weeks to get photographs back to you. Don’t worry I’m not rushing through the process just to get the job done. If it takes longer to get you the best result, then so be it.