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The Process

Are you like me and like to know how to get from A-B sometimes? I hope this outline will help you understand about the general process:

1. The Initial Consultation

Laurel and I meet you talk through what you might be interested in and hear about your “story” . Its important for us to discover what kind of things you like, how you are planning your day and what makes you “tick”.   This is no hard-sell session but we might try to bribe you with food!

From here you will get a good idea whether we are a good fit for you.

2. Engagement Shoot

I really encourage couples to get an engagement shoot; this is by no means mandatory but helps relax everyone into getting photographs taken. Not everyone is used to it as you may well know! Also, the images will help guide the wedding photo look and feel.

3. Agree the package

Assuming your still with it; it is time to think about which package works best for you. Once you decide on a package I’ll ask for a downpayment to lock in the date. Keep in mind if you choose to upgrade or downgrade your package, that’s fine.

4. Pre-wedding day checks

A month or so out from your wedding date I’ll check-out the location. I’ll try to do this at the same time as your actual wedding, this helps see what the light will look like on the day. If the wedding is outside, you will have a backup location as well and I’ll make sure I review this too.

5. The Wedding Day

This is where I take the photos! By now we’ve already walked through the day, locations and the “must get” shots. This is the part of the process where you forget about photographs and just enjoy your day!

Depending on which package you select, this could be a very long but fun day for me!

6. In the darkroom

Usually I start processing your photos in the “digital darkroom” the next day after your wedding. I like to this while the day is still fresh in mind plus I want to get the images to you as fast as possible. I’ve got a very streamlined process for this and typically your images will be ready for review after you get back from your honeymoon (around a week).

On a standard day I will take between 2,000 and 2,500 photos. From here I’ll refine down to around 300 or so. The exact numbers depend on many factors, the obvious one is how long the shooting takes (does it include reception etc).

7. Review

You review the images; sometimes to ask for black and white versions or slight tweaks.

8. Deliver photographs

I’ll post final images online at this stage, full-sized and smaller Facebook versions for sharing an emailing. I’ll also give you a USB stick with all the images as well. I can arrange for large sized prints at this stage for you would like. Of course, you can also print yourself but for any larger versions I really encourage you to let me help! I use Queensberry and the results pretty amazing - much better than you’d get from a printing kiosk in a store.

9. Album process

The album creation is pretty straight-forward; we select the top 50-70, agree a style (colours etc), you review the design (online) and then production of your album. I talk about album options and details here.

That’s about it!