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Well, hello there I’m Stewart Baird not the famous movie director but a wedding photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I love to create beautiful images. I’ve been taking and making photographs since (pause) the late 1970s, way before digital photography and software. Back in those days I was using my trusty Polaroid to make whacky and wonderful photos. Who knew that Polaroids would end-up being so cool! I should have kept mine…

Fast forward a zillion years and I’m deep into digital photography, using the latest tools I can get my hands on. I love the whole process of creating photographs; pre-visualising the result, taking it and finally crafting it on the computer (the “digital darkroom”).

I take all kinds of photographs have a look at my portfolio site here for a window into my world.

But I really do love weddings! They are so much fun and not at all stressful on my side of the camera.

One way that stress is reduced for me is knowing that my wonderful wife (Laurel) is looking at all of those details: straightening dresses, removing distractions, brushing away stray hairs.

Everything else except Wedding Photographs!

By the way, my main portfolio site is at - photos of everything from birds to mountains!

Help For Photographers

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